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We partner with rehab facilities, GPs, clinicians, counsellors, community outreach groups, individuals and family members, to build lives—free from addiction and stigma.

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What can an Arli coach
help with?

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing

Self Care Circle

Self care

Girl setting boundaries

Setting boundaries

Problem Solving

Problem solving

Dealing with obstacles

Dealing with obstacles

Coping skills

Coping skills

Treatment options

Treatment options

Setting Goals

Setting goals

Relationships Help


Finding Purpose

Finding and connecting with your purpose

Arli's support network

Creating a support network

Structured Life

Creating structure in life

Better outcomes—for everyone.

Arli is powered by people, but grounded in science. We partner with organisations to
track and measure impact, prove efficacy and build brighter futures.


Research indicates people who
receive peer support, like an Arli
Coach, achieve 1.2x better abstinence
outcomes than those who don’t.


Studies also show that people who
receive peer support, like an Arli
Coach, experience a 25% increase in
quality of life.


Arli Coaching can also increase your
personal confidence, hope and
self empowerment by 22% according
to research.

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What is Arli

What is Arli?

Getting ready for rehab

Getting ready for rehab

Support for supporters

Support for supporters


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Frequently asked questions

Is Arli covered by Medicare?

No, not yet. But we are working closely with the Australian Federal Government so that we can work towards getting our coaching services subsidised. In the meantime, the App is free to download for all members.

What type of addiction types do you support?

All! Arli provides support for any addiction type—no matter where you might be in your journey. This includes physical addiction types like drugs and alcohol, but also behavioural addictions like, gambling, sex, porn and video games.

Is Arli covered by insurance?

No, Arli coaching services are paid out-of-pocket directly by the person using the platform or by a loved one. The Arli App and all other services are currently offered free of charge.

Do I need permission from my patient/client to submit a referral to Arli?

Yes. Please always ensure a person fully understands that you are handing over their personal details. If they are not comfortable or ready to talk with us yet, you can simply download the information brochure on our Referral page, and they can reach out when they feel they are ready.

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