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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arli and how does it work?

Arli provides support for people looking to overcome addiction by providing our members with 3 different products and services - All of which can only be accessed through our app.

Learning paths - Learning paths is addiction and recovery university in your pocket. We bring you in-depth audio lessons, expert advice and inspiring recovery stories on a range of topics. Build your own course by choosing the topics you are interested in and make your way through them at your own pace.

Coaching - Coaching can help guide you through the ups and downs of recovery, no matter where you are in the process. All of our coaches are Arli certified and have personal experience with addiction. Sessions are delivered via video conferencing or telephone and can be booked in the app.

Circles - Based on your interests, goals and habits, we connect you with small groups of individuals who are also on their own recovery journey and let you chat via text. This allows you to support each other, anytime and anywhere in a judgement free zone. Talk to people like you when times are tough, chat anonymously, share tips and get the help you need, when you need it.

Can I use Arli with other treatment programs?

Yes. Your Arli community is always accessible and available in the app, but we also encourage you to explore other support options to discover what works best for you.

These include services such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Mindfulness programs, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Inpatient / Outpatient Treatment or a Mental Health Plan.

Use Arli as your standalone support or as a companion alongside face-to-face programs.

How could Arli help me?

Chatting with peers (18+) in a safe, secure and judgement free environment helps in the long-term recovery from addictions.

Research has shown that peer support can significantly help you reach your recovery goals. Emotional triggers and cravings can also be decreased by working alongside a personal coach, sharing experiences and talking openly with others.

Who are the types of people that I could meet on Arli?

When you join Arli, we instantly match you with small groups of people with the same interests and addiction type. We call these groups 'Circles'. There are different circles you can join based on age, addictive habits and gender.

Some Arli members could be far along on their recovery journey, others are making those first few steps. What we can promise, is that through our Circles - you’ll be connected to people who will support and understand what you’re going through day to day.

Each circle is a safe and private space, where you can chat and support others without fear or judgement. Choose to remain anonymous or be as open and as transparent as you feel comfortable with.

You can also chat with our on-demand Arli Coaches within the app. They're ready to step in and help you if things get tough.

Can I use Arli, even if I’ve recovered from my addiction?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it.

Whilst people join Arli to find support during their recovery, many of our members continue to stay long after overcoming their addiction. They do this to provide the same support they received back into the community.

Being able to connect with someone who has had a similar experience and understands what you are going through day to day - can positively impact on your recovery. No matter where you are on your recovery journey, you will always have a voice and a place within the Arli community.

Join to get support. Stay to give support.

If I'm talking about or using illicit drugs, will I get reported to law enforcement?

No. All information you share within the app is private and non-identifiable. We use industry-standard encryption software to safeguard your information and protect your security.

We understand that addiction is not a lifestyle choice, it's a chronic disease. Addiction can take many forms. Some people might use alcohol, others might be using illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana.

Within Arli, you can share as much as you’re comfortable with, in a safe space without judgement. You’ll always be protected by anonymity and our community Code of Conduct.

It’s also important to remember that as a community, we do not engage in any discussion of the offering, promoting, procuring, or selling of illegal substances. This includes all illicit substances, alcohol, and non-illicit substances that an individual could be potentially using addictively.

Even if this is not an illegal activity, it can lead to a member of the community being triggered to use. If these behaviours are normalised for you, we want to help you to change them by asking that you refrain from doing so in the Arli community.

Is Arli backed by science and research?

It sure is. Arli is powered by evidence-based research, designed by a team of dedicated researchers and health experts. We continually build their insights into the app. As their research evolves, Arli evolves too.

How much does it cost?

Arli is free to join which includes accessing our learning paths and joining a circle of support. Our 1:1 coaching has a small fee to help pay for the coaches time in supporting you. By booking a coach not only do you get support from someone who has walked the walk but you get to have an impact on their livelihood.

The money made from Arli is put back into further developing the product so we can help the millions of people who need support, faster.

How do I get started?

Arli is currently being developed carefully by our team and will launch soon. Once you sign up we will keep you updated on our progress every fortnight (Don't worry we will not spam you)

In the meantime, if you are someone who is living with addiction and you would like to give us some feedback please send us an email at The team would love to hear from you.

We will always continue to develop Arli from the ground up from people who have walked the walk.

What does my on-demand Arli Coach do?

Need help defining your goals or figuring out the next step? Your on-demand Arli Coach is just a tap away.

Each coach has a background in lived experience and can offer detailed advice, practical steps and share their knowledge to help you on your recovery journey.

Work through a one-on-one session to get the extra boost you need.

What do you do with my personal information?

We take your privacy and security seriously. You control your personal information. Not us. We never share your data unless you have given us express permission to do so. Your data is securely hosted and encrypted to the highest safety standards. We also de-identify and protect all data to ensure your personal information is secure and safe.

There’s no sneaky clauses or fine print. You can find out more about our privacy policy here.

Do you have groups to support family members and loved ones supporting people?

Not yet. However, you can register your details here and we will be in-contact once we do.

If you need a place to get additional support for a friend or loved one, we recommend you talk to them about joining Arli so they have 25 others to support them in the moment of need.

Who are Arli Coaches?

They are you. People that have been and are still going through addiction. They have battle scars and they have walked the walk. Arli coaches are trained to talk with you, not at you. They will help you through today while also peaking around the corner to help you make a plan for tomorrow. At your pace.

Do people need to be referred to use Arli?

No, anyone is free to access Arli’s service at any time. They do not need a referral to download our free application. Although, some people do prefer that their trusted medical professional does the first introduction.

Is Arli a a replacement for medical or professional advice?

No, Arli is a support platform that is not intended to replace any medical or professional advice. Arli is designed to work alongside recommended treatment plans.

How are Arli Coaches trained?

We take training our coaches very seriously, Arli coaches are trained specifically on how to never blur the lines between giving advice through the lens of lived experience (peer support) and crossing over to medical or professional advice. If an Arli coach believes a question should have a professional’s opinion they will respond with “this is something that is best answered by your GP or medical professional”.

Will you keep me up to date with my patients progress?

No, once your patient downloads Arli, it will be up to you to consult with your patient on how they are using the platform and it will be up to the patient’s discretion to disclose this to you.

Is Arli backed by science and research?

It sure is. Arli is powered by evidence-based research, designed by a team of dedicated researchers and health experts. We continually build their insights into the app. As their research evolves, Arli evolves too.

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