Your guide to being part of the Arli community.

Platform Code of Conduct

Being a part of Arli is an opportunity to better understand your relationship with addiction so you can grow personally and in relationship with others. In order to do this, we need each member of the community to fully participate in the guidelines we have set out. No exceptions.

We believe in a community approach, this means, we also would like your feedback and support in bettering these guidelines as needed along the way. If there is something in our guidelines that are not working for you, please reach out to us directly so we can address it with you.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions. In the meantime, we ask that you follow the guidelines as they are laid out until we have had a chance for resolution.
We have a dedicated Privacy Officer whose protected role at Arli is to ensure your information is kept safe and secure, to hold us to our service promises, and to respond to your requests, inquiries and complaints.

1. As a community, we each agree to share:

• Our stories with vulnerability.

• Our desires, and successes, as well as our mistakes and slip-ups.

• Our encouragement and support for each other with understanding, and compassion.

• Our journey through recovery with the ups and downs.

2. As a community, we each agree to respect others by:

• Protecting the identity of other users or any of their activity, whether on the Arli platform or publicly. This includes not revealing personal and or identifying characteristics, including but not limited to, name, age, location, gender, profession, and/or any other possible identifying details of their personal story. In order for each of us to feel vulnerable enough to share our experiences, there must be a high level of confidentiality with the group.

• Refrain from speaking of other members of the community if they are not present in the group at the time. Gossip is very damaging to effective communication, and to healing in recovery.

• Acknowledging that recovery is personal and unique to each of us. We will all find our own way, in our own time, and with varying opinions on best practices. Honor your path while respecting the path of others by refraining from criticism and judgment.

• Speak from personal experience and try to ask for explicit permission when we feel compelled to give advice. “Are you open to feedback?” or “Can I make a suggestion?” are helpful ways to acknowledge and honor someone else’s experience while being able to contribute to the recovery of others. Otherwise, we can use sentences such as “In my experience..” or “...has been really helpful to me.”

3. As a community, we each agree to refrain from violent, aggressive, harassing and/or abusive language and/or behavior.

• This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, sizest, and transphobic ideas and/or comments.

• We will protect our communities and each individual from threats of violence, harassment, and any other type of comments, ideas, or behaviors that might undermine the safety of members.

We acknowledge that we will be removed from the community if we have violated this agreement.

4. As a community, we will not engage in any discussion of the offering, procuring, or selling of illegal substances. This includes all illicit substances, alcohol, and non-illicit substances that an individual could be potentially using addictively.

Even if this is not an illegal activity, it can lead to a member of the community being triggered to use. If these behaviors are normalized for you, we want to help you to change them by asking that you refrain from doing so in the Arli community.

5. In addition, we agree to refrain from posting images of alcohol or drugs within the community.

We recognize that images of alcohol and/or drugs can act as a trigger, while also keeping us stuck in the old behaviors and patterns we are in the community to heal from.

6. As a member of the Arli community we will not solicit our professional services, products, affiliations, or attempt in any way to use the community as a way to sell, buy, trade, any product and/or service.

Keeping your information safe is the way we can gain and retain your trust – we take this very seriously.

We have crafted the Arli platform and our working environment with integrated physical, electronic and managerial processes designed to safeguard your information and protect it from misuse, interference loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Here are some of the key things we do to protect your information.

Privacy Officer: Our Privacy Officer is tasked with the role of ensuring your information is kept safe and secure, holding us to our promises and responding meaningfully to your requests, inquiries and complaints about privacy and the way we handle your data.

Staff training: We put our staff through robust training, regularly, about how to keep your information safe and secure at all times.

Secure storage and handling: We use a combination of techniques and measures to maintain the security of the Arli platform and to protect your account and your information.

Destroying or de-identifying information: We only keep your information for as long as we need it or are lawfully required to keep it.

7. We understand that any/all personal information that we provide to other members of the community is done at our own discretion. That Arli is not responsible for any relationships and the communication/interaction between members outside of the Arli community.

We hope that you build impactful and meaningful relationships with members of the Arli community. As we are all adults, it is up to your discretion to how you involve yourself with other members outside of the Arli community.

We each agree that if any relationship dynamics develop as a result of interactions outside of the community, that we will not bring this to the community.

As well, Arli can not be held responsible, liable, or accountable for any personal, professional, or other harm that may result from these interactions outside of the community.

The intention of the village guidelines is to provide safe and effective boundaries for all of us to learn how to better be in relationship with self and others. The path to recovery can be defined by our ability to conduct ourselves with respect, integrity, and compassion.

We believe that agreeing to conduct ourselves within these guidelines will provide a long-lasting and impactful platform for many, many people to recover.

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