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  • Cocaine, Amphetamines, Marijuana
  • Building a better life since 2016
  • Lives in Victoria, Australia
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My motto

Resilience is born from adversity. Your struggles today may be tomorrow’s greatest strength.

my purpose

Empowering people to reach their recovery goals by helping them discovery their self-love, values and identity once again.


Psychology, fitness, powerlifting, boxing, nutrition, mindfulness, dogs, coffee , brunch, exploring new cuisines.

My life

In Addiction

Have you ever been surrounded by people but felt alone? This was my life in addiction. Originally drugs were the solution, suppressing emotional pain and providing connection. Then they became the problem, making me feel worthless and alone. The partying and fun turned into self hatred and shame. As my drug use escalated so did tension with family, friends, and the law. I would only surround myself with people who would help me get the next drug. I wanted to stop but did not know how. When I tried to quit by myself, I would soon give in, putting drugs before my studies, job, and those I loved.

My life


I have been abstinent for over 5 years. I enjoy exercise and regularly weight lift, box, run and play basketball. I have a loving partner who I am grateful for and share a cute little dog with. Mindfulness has helped me on my journey, and I do an activity daily. My experience sparked interest in psychology and I have completed a Bachelor of Psychology and currently study a Masters of Psychology. I work as a Drug and Alcohol Worker with adults and youth, supporting people who are where I once was! Life still has challenges, however I have learnt to utilise the tools and supports I have.


Certified Arli Coach
Facilitator of 12 Step Meetings
SMART Recovery
Active member in 12 Steps
Bachelor Of Psychology
Youth Alcohol and Drug Worker
Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Worker
Certificate in Alcohol and Other Drugs
Master of Professional Psychology (undergoing)

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