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Monica G

  • Smoking, Alcohol
  • Building a better life since 2010
  • Lives in Texas, USA
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My motto

“We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.” ― Gabor Maté

my purpose

My purpose is to help individuals break free from their generational trauma so they can connect with their kids and raise them consciously.


Traveling, music, hiking, camping, yoga, meditation, crafts, neuroscience, quantum physics, energy work, philosophy.

My life

In Addiction

After my mom’s suicide I felt lonely, disconnected and empty. For almost 15 years, food, cigarettes and alcohol became my only way out, a way out of my pain, anxiety and feelings of shame and unworthiness. I was completely trapped. I was able to go to school and hold a job, and it seemed like I had my life together but no one ever knew how starved of connection I was and how much love I needed. To make things worse, that led me to chose the wrong relationships for a long time.

My life


I quit smoking and I fully recovered from my bulimia about 11 years ago.  Today I only drink socially and in moderation. After my divorce, I enjoy a healthy lifestyle as a single mom with my two small kids.


Health and Wellness Coach
Conscious Parenting Coach
Clinical certification for Stress Anxiety and Self-Regulation (HeartMath)
Healing Trauma and Addiction certification (Dr Gabor Maté)

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