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My motto

Any port in the storm

my purpose

To listen, to help.


All sports, football mainly. All things outdoors, exploring, hiking. Learning about life and of course, my annoying little Beagle.

My life

In Addiction

It can be easy to hide a gambling addiction. Have another tab (or five!) open on the computer at work, make a sly bet on the phone and of course I would have two computers running at home. Gambling felt really good, I loved it. It gave me so much and to be honest I was operating a relatively normal life. I was working in a good job and was  close to my friends and family.  But my gambling controlled me. It became my number one priority, I couldn't function or think without a having a bet (or ten) in play. I loved gambling because it took away a pain in me. That pain I can't write here. But sometimes the thing you love you have to leave. It's hard to do but I did it and i know you can too.

My life


My life today? Well, I still have stuff I'm working through, i think we all do. But I have been clear from gambling for 8 years and am so proud of that. Not because it was a hard thing to do, and damn i know it's hard, but because I am as certain as I can be that nothing is in control of me. I'm happy to talk about any part of my life with you but Arli isn't about me, I want to hear about you. What do you want to talk about? Where are you at with your addiction? And how can I help?


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