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  • Building a better life since 2018
  • Lives in NSW, Australia
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My motto

"Life begins on the other side of despair" - Jean Paul Sartre

my purpose

To be of service in the world of recovery and mental health.


Family, community, lifelong learning, coaching, mental health, surfing, ocean swimming, running

My life

In Addiction

Alcohol was always my thing. There were times when it was fun, and there were times when I thought it helped me manage life. But after almost three decades of drinking, I was trapped, riddled with anxiety, and depressed. It was so hard to accept that I had a problem, but somehow, I asked for help from a sober friend and my recovery journey began. I never believed it would be possible to be sober and to enjoy life, but I’m forever grateful I reached a point where I had no choice but to find out.

My life


I’m coming up to three and a half years sober and I wouldn’t change it for the world. There’s so much I’ve learned and I’m passionate about sharing the journey of recovery with other people. I’m a husband and proud dad of two daughters (who now get the best of me), I’ve just finished a psychology undergrad, and I’m working in crisis counselling and alcohol support. I’m also ex-Corporate, with 15 years’ experience at one of the world’s biggest tech companies.


Completed a set of 12 steps
12 step sponsor
Facilitator of 12 Step Meetings
Crisis counsellor
12 step peer support
Certified Arli Coach

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