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  • Opioids, Cocaine, Amphetamines
  • Building a better life since 2019
  • Lives in Virginia, USA
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My motto

Recovery didn't open up the gates of heaven and let me in it opened up the gates of hell and let me out.

my purpose

To make sure that nobody feels alone in recovery no matter what they are facing.


Photography, Social Media Group Administration, Travelling, Music, Animals & Flying Drones

My life

In Addiction

At a young age, I moved out my parents’ home when I told them I was questioning my sexuality.  I started to use drugs to cope and fit in with others.  Later, I was diagnosed with leukaemia, and I began my journey with opiates. From oxycodone to fentanyl, I was hooked.  After beating cancer, it took 10 years to admit I didn't need opiates.  I was addicted to pain nearly as much as I was addicted to drugs. After losing a beloved 23-year partner, I decided I had had enough pain!

My life


I have been sober now for almost 2 years. I decided that doing the same things over and over but looking for a different outcome was true insanity.  I was given a list of things to do and was promised that if I did them, my life would be better than ever.  I saw that people making positive changes.  It was working! I wanted success! Today I have a home, career, and an amazing life.  I have achieved my goals and aspirations and have many more.  Let me share with you what was shared with me.


Active member in AA/NA
12 step sponsor
Peer support mentor
Relapse prevention
Motivational speaker
Recovery housing management
Intensive outpatient treatment
Certified Arli Coach

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