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  • Food, Shopping, Technology
  • Building a better life since 2019
  • Lives in NSW, Australia
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My motto

It’s possible to simultaneously be a work in progress and a masterpiece — Sophia Bush

my purpose

To help every person become the best version of themselves and live life to its full potential.


Travel, fitness, podcasts, psychology, documentaries, dance, being near the ocean, reading.

My life

In Addiction

I have struggled with compulsive behaviours in various forms. It started rather innocently as fizzy drink, then metamorphosed into food and excessive shopping. It was only once I developed a technology addiction that was taking over my life that I realised I was trying to fill a void. I needed to address the root cause — otherwise, it would just keep manifesting in my life in different ways, over and over again.

My life


I have been in control of my compulsive behaviours for just over two years now, thanks to a mix of therapy, hypnotherapy, inner child healing work, and accountability coaching. Now, my healthy obsession is self-development!


Life Coach
Bachelor Of Psychology
Certified Arli Coach
Neuroscience certification

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