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  • Marijuana, Alcohol, Food
  • Building a better life since 2013
  • Lives in Oregon, USA
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My motto

You are capable of more than you know. Persist! The world needs all you can give - E.O. Wilson

my purpose

To serve, guide & empower my fellow humans to overcome obstacles & thrive, not simply survive.


Nature, Music, Art, Animals, Science, Learning, Meditation, Cooking, Yoga, Dismantling Stigmas

My life

In Addiction

Despite a caring family, I grew up not being equipped with tools on how to honor my mental health, ADHD & Epilepsy. After losing my father tragically to addiction at age 12, I dove into using substances & various behaviors to cope. I would stop for periods of time due to health concerns, yet I would always return to them because I felt they helped. It wasn't until health and well being reached a tipping point was I truly ready to change. It took awhile to get into recovery & find a mix that worked for me, once I did, life started getting manageable. 

My life


LGBTQIA+ friendly and non binary human here. After coming back from a series of relapses I discovered a greater appreciation for recovery, my life & those in it. Although I still am living with chronic illnesses, I now have the tools to manage them with care & a solid support team whom I trust. My mind/body are in a healthy state, I get to love & accept myself for who I am in this moment & the ability to extend the same courtesy to others.  I wouldn’t change the past for it’s taught me so much and brought me to where I am today. Grateful to be on this adventure & would love for you to join me!


Completed a set of 12 steps
Certified Arli Coach
Active member in AA/NA
Life Coach Certification
Relapse prevention
Active member in refuge recovery
Active member in 12 Steps

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