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  • Alcohol, Pornography
  • Building a better life since 2010
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My motto

Where there’s breath there’s hope. – Bob Forest

my purpose

To help others see that there is more to life than pain, shame, and darkness. To help others find their “light bulb” moments in life.


Blacksmithing/Blade smithing, wood working, hiking, playing with my dog, computer gaming with my kids, anything in nature, fishing, walking with my wife.

My life

In Addiction

For most of my life I have dealt with addiction either as a co-dependent or a practicing addict.  I grew up surrounded by addiction.  While living in an alcoholic family I experienced trauma, physical, and emotional abuse and it wasn’t long before I began my own travels down the road to alcohol addiction.  I used alcohol to escape from my reality, to fit in and to numb my emotions.  After a few years of binge drinking during my time in the military and seeing several of my friends become alcoholics I stopped drinking.  I have an addictive personality, so it wasn’t long before I had switched my addictive behaviours from alcohol to pornography.  I used pornography for pretty much the same reasons I used alcohol, to escape reality and to fit in (or so I thought).   Once I got married is when I realised my addiction to porn had changed me far more then I thought was possible.  Porn was costing me intimacy with my wife and alienating me from human interactions for the novelty and unreal expectations of pornography.  The shame I felt drove me to hide my addiction even deeper and avoid seeking help.

My life


Today, I am a much happier person, having faced some of my demons and overcome them.  I love to be in nature and to work with my hands by blacksmithing and woodworking.  I have an amazing marriage and two wonderful adult children.  There is a peace I have grown to love which I never had while I was stuck in my addictions.


Certified Arli Coach
Life Coach
Working in a juvenile rehab

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