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  • Alcohol, Food
  • Building a better life since 2017
  • Lives in British Columbia, Canada
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My motto

“Not why the addiction, why the pain” -Gabor Mate

my purpose

To mentor those who are silently suffering, so they may find potential in recovery


Tarantulas, weight lifting, nutrition, gaming, traveling, cooking

My life

In Addiction

Drinking started as a social means to popularity. Soon after, it had escalated into binge drinking while using substances daily to cope with my anxiety/insecurities. I had done anything necessary to feed my addiction. The lowest point was taking off my mask to unveil the monster that I created. With no self-worth, confidence, or morals- my outlook on life became reckless and destructive. Addiction had become the only way to aid the illusion of false confidence, and cheat a “normal” life.

My life


I am nearing 4 years of sobriety. I live in British Columbia with my loving fiancé and our two boys. I am surrounded by family and close friends.  I enjoy spending my time at the gym, being with my family, and adventuring out into the wilderness.


Completed a set of 12 steps
Relapse prevention
Peer support mentor
Drug and alcohol treatment
Active member in AA/NA
Personal trainer
Certified Arli Coach

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