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My motto

Sobriety is not a limitation - it's a super power - Brene Brown

my purpose

My purpose and passion is supporting those experiencing substance abuse disorder as well as dismantling the stigma around addiction. 


Travelling, cooking, meditation and audio books.

My life

In Addiction

At 38 I was working my well paying corporate job, I had opened a bar as a side hustle, had a fun group of friends and lived life in the fast lane. On the outside it looked like I had it all going on. On the inside I was screaming, I was full of shame and guilt, my physical and mental health were suffering and I wanted to be able to start a family. I had known for years that my drinking was out of control but society kept reinforcing that it was normal. Drinking took care of all the difficult emotions I had bottled up and was preventing me from living my best life. I knew I couldn't go on living this way any longer.

My life


I have now been sober for 5 years and am a recovery enthusiast. Sobriety has given me a pair of wings and the freedom I never thought was possible. I had feared sobriety would be a life of mediocrity, instead I am living my best life.  I live with my husband, 2 daughters and our dog. I co-direct a charity that empowers people living in poverty by providing education and health care in Tanzania and have left the corporate world to support people to overcome their addictions.  I love to travel to new places and have adopted self care practices that bring me true joy.


Certified Arli Coach
Recovery Coach Certification
Relapse prevention
Life Coach Certification
Health and Wellness Coach
Retreat and workshop facilitator

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