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  • Amphetamines, Alcohol, Marijuana
  • Building a better life since 2014
  • Lives in Queensland, Australia
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My motto

The best is yet to come.

my purpose

My purpose is to help people master the tools they need to find the freedom they are meant for.


Camping, four-wheel driving, fishing, surfing, gym, basketball

My life

In Addiction

The first time I tried ice, I felt like I’d found what I’d been looking for my whole life. I’d spent the past ten years using different substances and trying to create an image for myself that I believed people would respect, because I had no respect for myself. Fast forward a few years and my life looked like something you might see headlining the evening news. I had earned a name for myself in the circles I was part of, but in the real world, and that of my young daughter, it meant nothing. I was suicidal, hated who I had become, could see no way out, and believed both me and my family would be better off if I ended my life.

My life


I have been creating a better life for myself for over seven years. I live on the Gold Coast, Australia, with my beautiful wife. I have a great relationship with my daughter and am able to be the father she needs and deserves. I am the Director of a live-in addiction-recovery program. I enjoy camping, four-wheel driving, fishing, surfing and hitting the gym. My life is more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.


Residential rehab
Rehab program co-ordinator
Cert IV mental health
Diploma in community services
Group facilitator
Peer support mentor
Conflict resolution
Certified Arli Coach
Co-morbidity training
Dual diagnosis AOD & mental health training

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