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  • Smoking, Alcohol
  • Building a better life since 2016
  • Lives in France
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My motto

‘Forgiveness is a mystical act, not a reasonable one’ - Caroline Myss

my purpose

To support people on their healing journey, so they may live a congruent, authentically empowered life.


Mediation, Yoga, Running, Rambling, Travel, Reading & indulging in ALL education relating to personal and spiritual growth

My life

In Addiction

Aged 18 years I ‘remembered’ I’d been sexually abused between the ages of 5-10. I told my family & saw a therapist only briefly. I married in my early 20’s & whilst traveling for work, I became promiscuous, drank & smoked increasingly & the marriage ended.Scared of being alone I had many relationships until I met my 2nd husband.

The co-dependency, alcohol & smoking addictions worsened as I raised our kids mostly alone, was a stressed ‘yes’ person, overworked, with zero self-care or healthy boundaries. Until, I had a profound awakening. My soul literally forced me to STOP! After time spent in deep reflection I began parenting my inner child, she’d never truly been seen or heard & step-by-step was able to release the shame, & forgave myself.

My life


I’ve been living an authentically empowered life or 5 years.

My freedom journey took 30+ years as healing’s a process, surrender & embracing forgiveness takes time.

There isn’t one reason why we find compulsions, relationships & life overall a struggle, our accumulated patterns of behaviour, karma & beliefs are generational & not all our making. We must be kind & patient as we strive to make wise & conscious choices.

Life’s not about achieving perfection, we can only truly do ‘our personal, authentic best’, take responsibility for who we’ve become & own our part in the creation of this day.


Leadership and integrative transformational coaching certification
Archetypal Consultant with CMED

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